17. aug. 2009

Franc White

I love listening to music. I guess it gives every day that little kick it needs to be great. I enjoy a various range of music, but I mostly find myself listening to hiphop, soul, rnb, funky house and African music. So I was super exited get the following. Earlier this summer I was in London and there I got a copy of my friend Franc White’s mixtape “It’s not easy Vol. 1”. This mixtape has been a summer favorite. Not only do I find Franc unique and talented, but there’s an anthem for everyone on the mixtape. My favorite track is “Why don’t we”, followed by “Mirror” with Bianca Rose. I hope more people get to know Franc White, cause he’s gonna be huge. I’ve got some extra copies if you’re interested.

You can follow Franc on twitter: www.twitter.com/francwhite or check him out on facebook: Franc White

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