13. des. 2012

Christmas giveaway

Hi Lovelies!

Since it's Christmas I've decided to have a giveaway for my lovely readers. Two of you will get the chance to win two goodiebags.

 All you have to do is these two thing:
1. Follow me with Google friends.
2. Follow me on Bloglovin by clicking here.

When you are done with that email me your name and adress at chibailey@hotmail.com with the subject "Christmas Giveaway".  Remember to tell me which goodiebag you want.

PS: If you already follow me on Bloglovin or Google friends you can just email me your name and adress. 
                                                          Giveaway ends on December  20th

Goodiebag 1.

Goodiebag 2.

Good Luck!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hey! I dont have Google friends OR bloglovin, but if you have a facebookpage will I happily like it:) I hope I can get the oppertunity to compete in this competition anyway:) So wonderful price!
    Love Ingvild

    (I searced på facebook after your facebookpage, but I couldnt find it. Send me a link or something on my mail if you have one:) )


  2. ------> I'm a follower, and I have sent a private message (link to this blog) to all of my 295 facebook friends

    Merry X-mas!

    Kirsti (trondhf@hotmail.com)


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