8. sep. 2012

My latest instagram photos!

Hi Lovelies!

From the top
1. Subway swag a few days ago
 2. With my hunky boyfriend Eivind
 3. At Ecco event with Mira 
4. Old photo of Kjetil and I at Vixen summer party.
 5. Doing some studying
9. Chillin on the subway

 10. At Polhemjulevisning 
11. University Curriculum 
12. Outfit 27.08
 13. Making random faces
 14. Yummy Macrons 
15. At Kakefest launch with Chinyere 
16. Outfit 23.0
17 & 18. Read my interview with Odd Future here

19. More faces 
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  1. Ohhh I'm dying over here!There's nothing I don't love here!Well done,honey!;)


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