18. jul. 2012

My latest instagram photos!

Hi Lovelies!

From the top
1. Outfit from Sunday
2. Random pose 
3.Hanging out with Will.i.am at Summeranza 2012 read more about it here. 
                                      4. Partying at the EF party bus 
                                5.Wearing my new nail polish Hidden treasure 
                            6. Hanging out in the park with my boyfriend Eivind 
7. Wedding outfit 
8. Fuck the world  
9. Little Chioma

10. Love Cereal! Coco pops crunchers <3
11. In Arendal 
12. I just want a cuddle
13. Yummy food
14. Eating dinner with Eivind 
15. At Nelaug 
16. Waiting for the train back to Oslo at Arendal train stastion 
17. At Hovefestivalen with Chinyere 
 19. Beautiful Southern Norway 
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