28. jul. 2012

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara Review

Hi Lovelies!

Here is a review of the Colossal volume express mascara I got in the mail last week.

Application: It was really easy to apply. The mascara wasn't too watery and it didn't smudge easily while applying it. 

 Texture: The texture of my eye lashes where not lumpy, really hard or sticky after a few coats of mascara and that was really good. I hate sticky, lumpy and hard eye lashes. 

 Staying power: Very strong! The mascara lasted all day. 

 Removing of the Mascara: The mascara was a little bit difficult to remove, but with Simple wipes there was no serious struggle to remove it. I think you would have a bigger problem removing the mascara if you simply use soap and water.

 Overall: This mascara does everything it says it's supposed to do; "give you colossal volume in one coat and no lumps". However I had to use three coats to get the finish I like. 

 Left: without mascara Right: with Mascara
Which mascara do you use?

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  1. em mới mua 1 cây masscara hiệu THE COLOSSOAL VOLUM' EPRESS mà sao hình như nó bị khô rồi thì phải, nó không phải là dung dịch, mà em sử dụng củng không được. cho em biết li do tại sao được không?


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