7. jul. 2012

Justin Bieber Believe

Hi Lovelies!

I am breaking down Justin Bieber’s awesome new album Believe for you guys! Enjoy

«All Around the World» (feat. Ludacris) - I don’t like the song! I just don’t understand it, this song will not be a super hit like «Baby».

«Boyfriend» - Swag! Swag, swag, swag is all I can say.

«As Long As You Love Me» (feat. Big Sean) - The chorus on this song is the shit, but the song is a bit disappointing. I thought the song would be a lot cooler with Big Sean on the track.

«Catching Feelings» -. This song really warms my heart. Justin says it so perfectly about how you feel when you're falling in love. < 3

«Take You» - This song should be every boys/guys anthem. If a guy sings that song to me, he could take me everywhere.

«Right Here» (feat. Drake) - Drake and Justin’s voice are meant to be. Everyone is perfect in this song, from the beat to the lyrics everything. If my ears could smile that’s what they would do every time they hear this song.

«Fall» -I must say after listening to this song A LOT I love it now, but when I first heard it I thought it was a 2.0 version of «One Less Lonely Girl». At that time I would have rather listen to «One Less Lonely Girl».

«Die In Your Arms» Amazing song! Justin Bieber nails it in this song. 
«Thought of You» - A really cute song! The chorus is magical, I love the fact that Justin is in love with the thought of me. I am only one call away Justin!
«Beauty and a Beat» I just thought WTF!? You would have thought Nicki + Justin = $ not -$ + L
«One Love» - Cute song, but a bit boring.

«Be Alright» - Wow! You really believe everything is going to be alright in the end. A really cute song with a great message.

«Believe» - A Beautiful song.

My top to favorite songs on the album is: Catching Feelings & Die in your Arms  

Do you agree with my review of Believe? What are your favorite songs?

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