24. apr. 2012

Polhem PR: Press view AW12

Hi Lovelies!

 This week it's press view week in Oslo. Which means that all the big PR agencies in Oslo opens their doors for press and bloggers to view their autumn/winter collections of the different brands they represent. I started the day at Polhem PR

 Sigrid getting her nails done with imPress clip on nails. 

 Hillevi Forsman from Topp

 estelle & thild

I love

Sigrid Schei Lorentzen from Topp

imPress nails

 Samsøe & Samsøe

 Moods of Norway

Camilla Pihl is happy with her hair bum

 The lovely girls from Glitter who did Camillas hair 

Tokyo Jane


V Collection

 Emil Arctander 

 Aleksander Signature


Andreas Tangberg and Annette Sandstå from Polhem PR

 DJ Monica Johansen aka Minne-Oh

Mia Thorsø and Aylin Skahjem -Eriksen from Polhem PR

Thrillevi < 3

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