19. apr. 2012

NN07 A/W 2012

Hi Lovelies!

Today I went to NN07's showroom to see their A/W collection. We were served lovely food and a little fashion show. Here is a little about NN07.
The danish brand NN07 was founded in 2007 by two friends Victor and Ulrik. NN stands for No Nationality which represent an important message for the clothing brand. It's a brand without boundaries. They put the 07 in because it represents the year it was founded. Check their website out here.

Funfact: The brand doesn't have any black clothes because they believe in color.

 This lovely man from NN07 told us about the brand and the collection.

 Japanese win

 Clothes from the mens collection

 I love this jacket. 

 Blogger Julie Sara

 Julie Holst Berntsen from Gambit in NN07 from head to toe.

 More clothes from the mens collection

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  1. Heeei! Hyggelig innlegg med bilde av meg :P hihihi. Håper vi sees snart igjen :)

    1. Ja, det var hyggelig! Vi sees sikkert :)


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