23. apr. 2012

Helly Hansen SS13‏

Hi Lovelies!

Yesterday I was invited by Gambit to attend the lavish Helly Hansen SS13 fashion show.  I went to the fashion show with Chinyere and Mira Saab. We started the evening at Quality Hotel Expo for some drinks, popcorn, wraps and all the ice cream you could eat. We also got the chance to see the collection before it hit the runway. I really like the clothes when I saw them, but they looked even better when you could see them on the models on the catwalk. 


Chinyere and Mira Saab

ice cream <  3


Henrik Juel Teige and Mari Mikkelsen from Gambit 

Mira and I 

6 kommentarer:

  1. Herlig <3

    Jeg elsker det bildet av den ungen! Hahaha!

    1. ja, det var kos <3 Kjekkas-Alarm!!!

  2. Masse kult! Så ut som en gøy aften :)

  3. Mange fine bilder og maten så god ut haha n_n

    Sv; Mwihi, takk (:


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