6. apr. 2012

Happy Easter

Hi Lovelies!

I started the day quite early, picking Chinyere up at the airport. She'd been in New York for an internship with Sjømannskirken. I can't believe three weeks has gone by so fast. Chinyere bought me some presents from New York, a Hollister sweater and playsuit from Topshop. I love my presents so much! Thank you Chinyere. Later in the day my siblings and I went Easteregg hunting in the house. In the end Chibuike, Chinwe and I had to be told where our eggs where because we weren't able to find them.

Then we had a family dinner. Which was nice and a bit weird at the same time, because we usually don't sit down together and have dinner.

I hope you are having a nice Easter?

Happy Easter!

at the airport. 

Chinyere loved the sign I made for her!

the lovely Hollister sweater I got

Can't wait to read these. 

candy < 3

I am wearing:
Jeans shirt - Wilcox
Top – River Island
Stockings – Primark
Shorts – Topshop
Necklace – SNO of Sweden
Bracelet – SNO of Sweden
Watch – River Island
Headband - Glitter
Earrings – Gina Tricot

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