25. mar. 2012


Hi Lovelies!

 As I mentioned in this blog post. On thurday I went for a quick trip to Copenhagen. I attended the showcase and release party of their new artist Christopher.

Later on that Thursday I went to EMI Denmark's headquarters where I interviewed Christopher, then we had some dinner. After dinner Christopher performed some of his songs autistic for us. It was so good, I got chills! Then we went to his release party at the trendy club Anthon. The club was packed with people and I also spotted danish singer Xander. And I must say I got a bit starstruck. I really enjoyed myself and had a fun night.  

 EMI Denmark 

EMI's Jan-Erik Stig and bloggers Pepin and Mimmin

 HM < 3

 EMI boss Michael Wermuth and I 
Bloggers Pepin and Mimmin. Check their blog out here.

 <  3


 Christopher live during his release party at Anthon

 blowing bubbles. 

Christopher live on stage.

 Christopher's manager Morten Elley and I

 EMI Denmark is in the house. 

Christopher and I after his concert. 

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  1. Så ut som det var en fin kveld :) også så søtt bilde av dere!

    1. Det var en kjempe fin kveld! Tusen takk......Christopher er verdens kuleste!


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