21. jan. 2012

NRJ Music Awards 2012

Yesterday NRJ Music Awards went down at Stratos in Oslo. As usual, NRJ knows how to throw a party.  I had so much fun. A-Lee and Envy performed and DJ Patski Love played awesome music all night long.  Erik & Kriss won both Norwegian artist/group of the year and most popular Norwegian song of the year with "Etter Regnet" feautring Martin Diesen.

 A-Lee and wife Kim


Alexandra Kanutte Skåre and I 

 DJ Patski Love

Awesome DJ Patski Love and I 

Mathias Rødahl and Lea Rehema Bateman 

Christoffer Naustdal Hjelm 

Gunnar Greve Pettersen and Anders Opsahl 

 Anette Josefsen, Martin Diesen, Christian Stenseng and Sverre Bjørnsen 

Eric Gudim and Anette Solli

Joachim Knutsen and Gunnar Greve Pettersen = < 3 

Ralph Lauren all the way. 


 <  3

5 Star Entertainment  all the way

Hosts of the night: Petter Pilgaard and Alexandra Joner

Gunnar presented the award for most popular Norwegian song of the year.

 Happy winners. 

 NRJ Award!!!

 Martin Diesen holding his NRJ Award

 A-Lee on stage

Ida Fladen and Danielle Legland 

 Envy performing "One Song" 

 Kash Gashamura and I 

 Jimi Akinyemi, Olumide Walim and Trond Remi Otterstad

Sisi with some awesome producers


Vincent Dery, Ousman Jaquesson Sowe, Nico Sereba, Isak Brodahl and Alexander 

Shontelle and I 


 Chinyere and I 

 Marius Solberg and his lovely girlfriend Dorthea Berge

 Joachim Knutsen and Nico Sereba 

O-Bee, Martin Aarestrup, Sami Alem, Alexander Rykkinnfella Austheim and Abiel Tee

 Alexander Rykkinnfella Austheim and Shontelle

Oslo Vikings in the house! 

Jonas Apollo Forsang and Henriette Fraas 

Anine Stang and O-Bee aka Omer Bhatti 

Espen Hilton and Mia Jacobsen 

 Marita Niska and Cecilie Gjeitnes 

Yolanda Selini with a friend and I 

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