15. des. 2011

Bose Sound Link Wireless Mobile speaker

Hi Everyone! 

Two weeks ago I went to a meeting with Bose and Lars Vaular. If you haven't heard about Bose before you can check out their website here. For those of you who haven't heard about Bose before it is in my opinion one of the best supplier of audio systems.

Ida, Toro and I <  3

Then we went to a small sound session with Lars Vaular and Thomas Eriksen in the studio. 

Afterwords we where introduced to Boses new product Sound Link Wireless Mobile speaker. It has the classic Bose-designed, needs no wires and plays music better than a surround sound system. The sound is indescribably good. What you do is press a button, turn on bluetooth and then turn the music on your mobile. It's super easy. 

                                    The Bose Sound Link Wireless Mobile speaker. 

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  1. this food looking good lol



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