27. nov. 2011

Stuff I did last (last) week

- Saw the new Twilight movie.

To week ago I went to see Twilight Breaking Dawn, Part 1 with Chinyere. ( Spoiler Alert!!!!) I used to be Team Jacob, but now I just think he is so pathetic. I just don't understand why he doesn't understand that he will never get Bella. The final straw for me was when Jacob imprinted Bella and Edwards baby. I thought it was so disgusting that they're supposed to end up together. Plus I just don't understand how that disgusting relationship will work. I really hoped Jacob would imprint on that  werewolf lady who was so despereate to imprint on him.


- Went to Grab'n'Run event 
(photo: http://www.presskontakterna.se/no/blogg/ ) 

 Last week I was invited to an exclusive Grab'n'Run event hosted by PR Agency Presskontakterna. The meaning of the event was the we could "grab" as much clothes from Nelly Trend and Nelly shoes that we wanted. I grabbed some lovely shoes, a purse and a lovely pair of shorts. 

It was a really nice day! Thank you so much Presskontakterna 

 PS: Under you can see the stuff I grabbed! 


- Bought two new lipsticks and one new nailpolish. 

Nailpolish called Nightfall

The pink lipstick is called Snob (satin) and the other one is Viva Glam Gaga 2 (amplified)

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  1. Grab 'n run hørtes utrolig kult ut! Fin fangst :)

  2. The copenhagan festive starts on friday the 25th may2012, will you be there

    1. No, sorry! You enjoy yourself and have fun :)


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