7. nov. 2011

MTG Music 20th years birthday party

Hi Everyone.

Record label MTG Music celebrated 20 successful years in the music industry with a party last week.

 Helene Sundt 

MTGs newest signing Matilda Gressberg

Esben "Dansken" Selvig and wifey. 

 Martin Diesen and Christian Svendsen 

 The Shitsez

Jonas "Apollo" Forsang and I 

 Ronnie Klaussen and I

 Liv Jansen with friend 

 Kristoffer Tømmerbakke, Joachim Knutsen and Anders Opsahl 

Some of the artists from the record label went on stage and performed a special song for their boss Larry.

 Oslo Soul Children also performed at the party. 

 MTG Music-Boss Larry Bringsjord and Helene Sundt from MTG Music 

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