25. okt. 2011

Stuff I did last week.

 I bought a new lipstick from MAC called "Chili".

 Went shopping.

 Pimped my new keys out so they match my lipstick.

 Rocked black lipstick.

 Tweeted, you can follow me on twitter my name is ChiomaOslo

 Went to Hard Rock Cafe

 CA <  3 JB

 No offence, but who told him that hair was cute.......

 OMG the Key lime pie and the right side tasted so disgusting...like OMG. 

 Went to a Milow concert in Sandvika. The opening act was this wonderful guy called Oliver Leo! Check his myspace profile here

 This woman in Milows band had such a beautiful voice, I could listen to it for hours!!! She really needs to make an album.

 Milow and I

2 kommentarer:

  1. OMG!!!!! Afroen er gamle mattelæreren min! Tror jeg dør! Av latter!

  2. i like my hair, it's so soft.


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