28. okt. 2011

Backstage @ Stella Mwangi videoshoot

Hi Everyone. 

On Wednesday Stella Mwangi shot the music video for the song Hula Hop featuring Mohombi. 730 got the chance to get an exclusive backstage look on the making of the video and it looks amazing. 

Stella was rocking some awesome outfits and makeup in the video. Urban Tribe did a great job dancing with her.
Frederic Esnault is the director of the musicvideo. 

Mohombi has arrived on set.

Urban Tribe relaxing during shots. 

Check out our beautiful engagement rings, yo! 

Mohombi getting his makeup done by Ida Østby Nielsen.

Awww Stella and Mohombi keeping each other warm! 

Doing the Hula Hoop.

<  3

Mohombi with  Big City Music 

Director Frederic Esnault 

Enjoying some chatting during takes. 


Tokyo Diiva and Frederic Esnault 

Mohombi and Stella Mwangi 

Stella Mwangi 

Joachim Atle, Stella Mwangi, Mohombi and Tom Roger Rogstad 

It's a wrap.

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  1. Stella er så flott, og det hårbåndet hun har på hode er så nydelig! Jeg vil ha :D Masse kule bilder!


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