14. sep. 2011

Radiance by REN Skincare

Hi Everyone.

I started my day at Bølgen&Moi, Briskeby where REN skincare had a launch of their new collection ”Radiance”. REN skincare is known all over the world for their ingredients; their products are famous for not irritating the skin. It’s all organic.

REN had transformed the second floor at Bølgen&Moi to a mini spa center/ area where we got a lovely facial. We used the product from their new collection and I left the treatment smiling and feeling fresh. It was so nice.

PS: If you are wondering REN skincare products suits all skin types and races.

David Delport training and event manager for REN skincare told us about the collection.


Hillevi Forsman from Topp and I 

Julie Kase from MAG and Hillevi Forsman from Topp. 

Annette Elvhaug from Polhem PR and  blogger Christoffer Gunnestad

Christoffer enjoying his breakfast. 

Lovely  smoothie. 

People getting lovely facials.

 Its was sooo nice!

The lovely people from REN Skincare.

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