12. sep. 2011

Erik & Kriss concert @Rockefeller

Hi Everyone

On Friday Erik & Kriss had their last concert of their tour at Rockefeller and of course Chinyere and I were there. We really enjoyed the concert. Erik & Kriss had a show I haven’t seen any other Norwegian rapper have; it was so fun and exciting.

(So Norwegian rappers, step your live show game up)

Nik & Jay also did a great job as opening act, I was really happy when they played my favorite song "Tættere på himlen".

Erik & Kriss closed the show with “Ølbriller”, a totally awesome song.

Btw: I won a contest hosted by NRJ where I got the chance to sing with Erik & Kriss on stage. I was so nervous about being on stage; I was seriously thinking someone would boo me or something. In the end it was so much fun, everyone was so supportive!! Erik & Kriss have the best fans.

PS: Video of my “performance” at the end of the blog entry.

Songwriter Farah Achour and Jae-R's manager Nassir "AcorpEnt" Achour 
Yasmin Benmich Berge and Marius “Young L” Solberg 

Joachim Atle, William "Nasty Kutt" and Tom Roger Rogstad

Joachim Knutsen from NRJ and I

Lovely Erik & Kriss fans. 

Ida Fladen from NRJ and I 

Christian Laland and Thomas Paste Kristensen, NRJ in the house!

Opening act Nik & Jay

Erik & Kriss ft Nik & Jay - "My city" 

Erik & Kriss ft Byz - "Ølbriller"

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