14. aug. 2011

Øyafestivalen day 1 & 2

Hi Everyone

This week in Oslo I was at the Øya festival. The Øya Festival is a festival put together by music lovers, for music lovers.

Models Kong Halvor and Eirik

<  3

Eirik, directors Eivind, Inia and I

Kanye West!!!
Day 2:
Hot journalists Kjerstin Marie Ofstad from Se og Hør and friend 

Malene from Popsalongen

Editor in chief of Mag Celine Aagaard and cutie Silas

Anders Falck Øien from Statoil and I
Jenny Skavlan and friend

Shaun Wright from Hercules and Love Affair and I

Honningbarna's manager and I

Jaa9, director Patrik Syversen with friends
Pictures by Sandra Marie Kristiansen

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