25. aug. 2011

Kid Cudi @ Sentrum Scene

Last night I went to the sold out Kid Cudi concert, it was totally awesome! Dreamon and Jae-R did a great support job (with help from Phil T. Rich). The afterparty went to Tommy Tirsdag (Jaeger).

Me plus you, I'ma tell you one time < 3

Singer Sisi wants to give the world a kiss <  3


NRK's Andreas Øverland and friend.

Follow @MoneyPlaha on twitter. He is behind the beautiful  #Oslove sticker.

Model Ine Drikakisi
Rapper Lars Rubix and friend

Cute girls Agi, Chinyere and Sonika
Knut Lyngar from Universal and Omer Bhatti aka O-Bee

Photographer Anders "cAndy" Lindholm and friend
We love Kid Cudi.
Christoffer "Qualitytime" Naustdal Hjelm

Tailors gang! 

Julie and Didrik are really for Kid Cudi!!!

Pussy Party prince Superkidzen with hot friend. 

Models Julie Aida, Petter "Tailors" Wahlen and I

King of Grünerløkka Isak Brodahl


Mr. Kingsize Mathias Rødahl and I

Wonder woman  Alexandra Joner

Model Julie Aida

Kenny Bong from Loudmouf Choir, Crazy Minister Tommy Tee, Jesse Jones and friend.

Opaue from Loudmouf Choir

Brooklyn based model and current Miss Norway Melinda Elvenes

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