14. jul. 2011

Oslo Hair < 3

Hi Everyone!

The other day I went to the hot new salon Oslo Hair for a hair cure and styling.
Oslo Hair opened on June 17 and they do everything from Botox, applying make-up, styling, hair extensions and cutting of hair. The salon is owned by siblings Saba and Sam .

Oslo Hair & Beauty is definitely my new favorite hair salon. I loved it.

If you want to contact Oslo Hair you can contact them at post@oslohair.no or visit their facebook page her.

Saba owner and fabulous hair stylist.

This is what she used to wash my hair and for the hair cure.

This is what Saba used to style my hair

Saba and Oslo Hair mascot Rocco

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  1. Hello I have a hair style question , have you ever heard of this hair stle called Vixen hair ? Or Versitile hair ? I wanted to know if you can do this hairstyle and how much would this cost ? Thanks Shandiliah

    1. Hi :) You should get out my newest blogpost about my hair: http://chiowamabailey.blogspot.no/2015/06/new-hair-botea-hair-salon.html?showComment=1435582717774#c9055069821974657348 I fixed my hair at Botea salon. You should call them and ask if they do it there :)


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