7. jul. 2011

Last Day of Oslo Live 2011

Lille Philip & Linnea Myhre aka Sommerflørt 2011<3

DJ Jenny Bråthen from the Extrema Festival with friend

DJ Nuhhh & Seth Skizzo @ Villa  

Chirag, Sisi & Sisi's pretty mother

Andreas Øverland, Malin Kaos & Seth Skizzo

Cutie Patricia and friend

Fisk & Vilt princesses Charlie and Kaja

Check out Sisi's debut singel here http://www.730.no/musicitem.aspx?newsId=8107

Karpe Diem's Chirag aka Raggen and friend

Cool kids!

Dreamon and friend

Leo the Prince of Bergen & crew

Kenneth Engen and Girson Dias
Pat and Chris aka Juicy

Admiral P feat. Sisi

Lars Vaular with Girson Dias


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