5. jun. 2011

Join Ida Wulff to London!

Hi Everyone

I’m participating in a competition hosted by Norwegian blogger Ida Wulff. In the competition I can win a trip to London and go to a Ke$ha concert. You can also get the chance to compete in the competition by doing the same I did. All you have to do is put the banner I have on the lowest part of this blog entry some where in your blogpost. Tell your blog readers that you’re entering the competition hosted by Ida Wulff and what it’s about. Your readers will also have the chance to win if they do the same. Then you have to fill in this entry form, press here! Post the link for you blog entry on the blog entry on Ida’s blog where she announced the contest here!
Wish me luck!

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  1. Haha, du må jo vinne!! Jeg skal kanskje bli med selv :) Om jeg får tid! Juhuu <3


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