23. apr. 2011

Trey Songz @Sentrum Scene

On Tuesday Trey Songz had his first ever concert in Oslo. The concert was amazing, and Trey really has an incredible voice. It was so fun! We were singing and dancing the whole time, lol. The crowd was live as well. I loved it. Fun times!!!
After the concert I followed the winners of 730.no meet & greet to meet Trey Songz.

 girls, girls, girls!

 730.no's meet and greet winner Christine

brought her friend Natasja

 730.no's meet and greet winner Fatmia

brought her friend Intisaar

Norway’s luckiest girl Fay Teresa

Alexandra Joner and Trey

I think he wants to hit it in the morning.
 Hey there!

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4 kommentarer:

  1. shit, @natasjada og @chritaaj er kjendiser jo!

  2. Dreams do come true! You finally met him :D

  3. HEEEELDIGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! JEG VIIIL OOOG!!!! :'(( :'((( :((


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