9. apr. 2011

Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2011

Artist Anine Stang

  Fashion and trend editor at Cosmopolitan Norway Elisa Røtterud

TOPP’s Hillevi Forsman and I
 Minmote's Sara Johannessen and I

 Photographer Sandra Jensen and Benedicte

Julie Kleppe and Presskontakterna’s Fiffi

Polhem PR’s Matilda Hovik, Annette Elvhaug and Miss Harmonica

Minmote’s Silje Pedersen and Åsa Formark

Boxer Cecilia Brækhus and Designer Nadya Khamitskaya

MAG’s Celine Aagaard and Benedicte Wessel-Holst

TOPP’s Sigrid Schei Lorentzen

Isadora’s Stephan Ulvund Øien

MAG’s Dina Camilla Bruvang Haangmann


MTG's Helene Sundt

Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Norway Ingeborg Heldal

Artist/Supermodel Mimi Blix

Go  Mimi

Mimi Blix is rockin' it!

Artist Mariann Thomassen

Diesel’s Ingvild Bergsaker

I love surrounding myself with Hunks!

Erik&Kriss's Kriss and Director Frederic Esnault

All American Hunk <  3

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  1. You are always out and about!! I'm so jealous! Can we switch lives for a few months? Lol!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog


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