22. nov. 2010

Oh na na, what's my name?

Time flies. Have been spending most of my weekend in the library studying. The little time off, has been spent roming about in Chelsea and on Oxford Street.

The next couple of weeks will be busy, and not the kind of busy I like. Assignments, exams, presentations etc. Shouldn't complain. The holiday is coming up, meaning I get to indulge in "pepperkaker" and other Christmas delights.

I love the lights. Beautiful!

Scarf: Bik Bok - Sweater: Volt - Skirt: Zara  Bag: Topshop - Stockings: Primark- Shoes: New Look

It's not easy living n London without going on a shopping spree every now and then. I hadn't been shopping in a really long time; I even developed something that resembled an ulcer a couple because I felt a need for something new. The second I'd banked y purchases I felt so much better. Sad really.

Wallet for River Island.

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