4. okt. 2010

My Lipstick is popping, My lipstick is cool.

Hi Everyone

Here are my top five favourite lipsticks at the moment.
I love the fact that with the right lipstick on you can feel as you can conquer the world.

PS: All MAC lipsticks has full coverage on your lips.

Please me (Matte)

Snow orchid (Amplified)

Up the amp (Amplified)

Siss (Satin)

Ruby Woo (Matte)

Some more lipsticks that didn't make the top 5.

Viva glam (Matte)

Viva glam gaga (Lustre)

Viva glam 2 (Satin)

Taupe (Matte)

Morange (Amplified)

Rebel (Satin)

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  1. Thanks for doing the mac lipsticks entry! I love up the amp & viva glam gaga..have them already , think i will give the other ones a try 2. beautifull colours



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