25. okt. 2010


It's a new week again and I'm far from ready to face it. More than anything, I want my weekend back. I want to sleep, I want to eat properly and I want to sleep. Went shopping with Carina yesterday, spent far too much money, but one has to be able to do that from time to time. Since I've been here, I've only been to Urban Outfitter twice (!). I love the store, but my wallet doesn't so I try to stay away. Yesterday, I couldn't resist though and I got myself a new bag. Truly love at first sight.

On a different note; Halloween is coming up, but I don't know what I should go as. I want to be something scary. Any suggestions???

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  1. SV: Hahah! Åååå! Tenk om jeg en dag får bli XFactor-dommer a? #Kjendisdeluxe! hahaha


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