5. sep. 2010

Sheer Cover by Chinwe

A couple of days ago we got a makeup kit from Sheer Cover. The kit includes two brushes, a base protector cream, mineral foundation, concealer, a palett with eyeshadow/ highlighters, lipglosses and a liquid eyeliner.

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation contains of 100% minerals, made without talc and mineral oil and contains Green Rooibos, a natural anti- aging concentrate from a South African plante.

What I did:
Before I started applying the makeup, I applyed the Sheer Cover Base Protector. The cream minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines and smoothes imperfections. I liked the consistence of the cream. It was also easy to apply and had a nice smell to it.

After the cream set, I applied the concealer. I used Sheer Cover Dark. I wanted a look that really covered my natural imperfections, so I applied the concealer on my entire face.

This was also easy to apply; it didn't smudge and it didn't leave my face feeling dry. It did leave me looking pale though, but the mineral foundation evened that out.

At first I tried the Sheer Cover Mocha mineral foundation, but it turned out to be too dark for my skin. Then I tried the lighter shade, Sheer Cover Almond mineral foundation, which turned out to be too light for me. I found a color I was comfortable with when I mixed the two mentioned mineral foundations. Then I used the darker foundation alone as rouge and the lighter one as highlighter above the cheekbones. I used the liquid eyeliner, Sheer Cover Café Mocha Eyeliner, around my eyes. I found the liquid eyeliner a bit hard to use, but then again I've never done it before so I might just need practice.

I used the Sheer Cover French Vanilla Highlighter under my eyebrows and the Sheer Cover Melon Ice Highlighter under my eyes. I finished with the Sheer Cover Pink Praline Lipgloss.

Did I like it?
I did! The makeup felt light on the face and was easy to apply. It felt like I didn't have anything on and I love that feeling. I like the naturness of the powder; it gives a more natural look, while I'm used to a more dramatic look. I did however look/ feel pale in the shade I mixed. I suppose it would look better if I used more time to find a better match for my skin. The fact that Sheer Cover don't do my color (a shade between the Mocha and Almond), is a negative. Most mornings I'm in a hurry and need to get my makeup done within minutes and having to mix two powder will definitely delay me.

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