24. aug. 2010

In case you missed it...

Chioma in TOPP no.08_2010

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  1. I wanna know what you lot do for a living

  2. Chioma just graduated from high school. She used to combine high school with her internship, but now she only does the internship. She works as an intern at the website www.730.no. She basically interview's artists and photographs different events/ concerts.

    While I (Chinwe) have a Bachelor in Social Work and work as a consultant at a social service office :).

  3. What a great subject. I feel like my generation are more focused on their personal goals and focusing on themselves. I myself have never been in a relationship( had some flirts here and there). But i want to be satisfied with myself till i get into a relationship. OMG i love this blog. Hehe

  4. Nice Anon: Thank You for taking out time to reply. Okay how cool is that! Sweet!
    Good for the both of you.


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