6. jul. 2010

One Night In London.

Hi Everyone

Monday last week Perez Hilton announced that he would throwing one of his famous "One Night In" parties on July 3rd. The parties are hosted by Perez himself and various artist perform. Not only that but the party goes on and on. The party went down in London this time and you weren't able to buy the tickets, you had to win them. So we entered the competition hoping one of us would win. And we did! We were so happy and started arranging a trip to London soon after.

The party was held at the O2 Arena and we got to see performances by Diana Vickers, Kelis and so many other great artists. We got to meet and party with Perez he was super friendly and told us we were and looked gorgeous. We told him we came all the way from Norway to see him and he loved it. He even wrote about it on twitter, as we said he was so super friendly and cool. We love him more now.

In the queue waiting to get in.

one night only.

party hard.



we love you.

beautiful sisters.





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