31. jul. 2010

Good morning

I've been super productive today. I've gotten myself up from my bed, dragged my body to the livingroom, turned on the television, placed the laptop on my lap and polished my nails. I've been awake for hours now, got up at 8.30 am, which is too early for a Saturday. But that's ok, because it's been a beautiful morning. It's sunny at the moment and I hope it stays like that, but I doubt it though. The weather this summer, has been so unstable. I hope the sun stays, because I want to wear this dress today.

Later today, we'll be going to Ekeberg for the Norway Cup opening show, NRJ In the park. Artists like Samsaya, Anine Stang, D'Sound and Locnville will be performing. I'm really excited about seeing Locnville! The show starts at 7 pm by the way.

In love with the new nail polish

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