22. jun. 2010

My current favorites

I love music and these songs are some of my favorites at the moment.

This is such a feel good song, I absolutly love it. I love the World Cup, I love Africa, I love Shakira, I love dancing. I love color, I love life.

I've got a crush on Drake and this song doesn't help it.

I want to party like Alexandra Burke.

I love Keri's voice, she's one of my favorite voices in the music industry at the moment. Everything she "touches" turns to gold.

Summer feel good tune from Jason Castro.

I was under the impression that R.Kelly wasn't allowed to leave his country, oh well. He performed this song at the World Cup opening and I was instantly hooked. I think R.Kelly has the ability to make anything sound great, the Trapped in the Closet series proved that.

Ke$ha is super cool, so is this song.

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