7. jun. 2010

Massiv SummerParty.

Hi Everyone.
On Saturday we went to Norway's biggest free lifestyle magazine Massiv's summerparty.
There was a lot of nice people, nice food and good music. Plus the goodiebag at the end, was to die for.



Maja from Massiv.

Welcome drinks Jack Daniel's Daisy.



Anine Stang, Øyvind from Massiv & a friend.


Hot guys at Massiv summerparty.

Bailey & Chinyere

Cutie Ricardo, DJ Cake & RykkinnFella.

Tommy Sharif & Johan

*Wink wink

Rykkinnfella & Ida Fladen.

Ida & I ( I'm thinking OMG look it's DJ Cassidy)

DJ Cassidy

Me & DJ Cassidy

Ronnie Ottem

Erlend Elias Bragstad from Massiv and his up and coming star Madeleine Brynestad.

Patski Love & DJ Cassidy

Niclas & Widar

Lilia Gjerstad

Chris Welsh & The lovely Lilia Gjerstad

John Carew & Bailey.

John Carew & I

Hillevi from Topp.

We got these cool watches in our goodiebag.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Kult!
    Hvor er den rosa leopard kjolen fra?
    : )
    Den var fin!


  2. Den er fra H&M, Fashion Against Aids kolleksjonen :)


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