4. jun. 2010

Elle SummerParty.

Hi Everyone.
Yesterday we went to Elle’s summer party. There where was a lot of beautiful people and food there. We had a great time.




Elle magazine.

The lovely Elle girls

To die for.


Bailey looking beautiful

Look at the food.



Signey Fardal Editor-in-chief of Elle

Tahirih and Bahia serving and wearing delicious macrons.

NRJs Joachim Knutsen

Linda Johansen

Anne Elisabeth Larsen from Elle.

Mariann Saastad Ottesen, Marthe Krogh & Friend

Ronnie Ottem

Hi Jenny!

Ronnie Klaussen from Bonnier and Jannie Nilsen

Kine Dreyer from H&M

Nathalie Helgerud

Anine Stang

Marie Amanda

Marion Ravn & her boyfriend Snowboarder Anderas Ygre-Wiig

Vibeke Holann from H&M

Donkeyboy in the building!

Eva Wigert Næss and friend

Christian August Stang

Helene Sundt from MTG

Vinny and his beautiful wife Tone (aka Queen Chopcakes)

Maria Mena

Hege Golf

Minmotes Silje Pedersen


Jonas Forsang aka Apollo, Odd-Magnus Williamson aka Tina & Henrik Thodesen aka Betina.

Tone Damli Aaberge

Eva Weel Skram


John and Elisabeth Carew

< 3

Elisabeth and Beryl

Bertine Zetlitz

"Hei Sam. Hei Fam. Kakene har kommet"

Samsaya with Fam Irvoll

Morten Stokstad and Magnus Rønningen.

Beryl and Lea

Marie Amanda and Nathalie Helgerud


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