9. mai 2010

Triumph Inspiration Awards 2010

On Thursday, we went to the national Triumph Inspiration Awards. The TIA invited design students from Esmod to create and present a lingerie piece, that would compete to be sold in selected Triump stores worldwide. This year's contest was a tribute to all shapes and curves, that had been of inspiration to the artists; the design motto was simly "Shape Sensation".

[The international final will be held September 2010, during London Fashion Week. Best of luck to the Norwegian winner Anette.]

Christoffer and Fam Irvoll

Vanessa Rudjord and Fam Irvoll

Amar Faiz


Chioma and I

Marie and Chioma

Marie and Maren

Waiting for the show to begin

Front row!

Host Jenny Skavland

The designers and their creations:

Jana Maiorova "The shapes of elegance"

Helle Haraldsvik "Dragonfly"

Stian Moldskred "Foxy fur"

Konstantina Karampakalis "A shape can be anything"

Markus Bjørtomt "Lost in lace"

Tarek Hamidi "Femme de la mare"

Martine Nicander "Burned remains"

Shima MInati "La beauty est lèssence de fleur"

The winning design, Anette Boman "Sensationally shaped information"

Winner Anette, congrats!

Merete Volden "The tropical fish in it's own special suit"

Judges: Managing director of Esmod Geir Ivar Nordli, Designer Fam Irvoll, Editor of Costume Magazine Vanessa Rudjord and actor/ model/ designer Jenny Skavland.

Cutie Jenny

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