6. mai 2010

H&M Showcase

On Wednesday afternoon we went to H&M's headquarters, for a showcase for their upcoming fall/ winter collection. There were so many lovely pieces and we wanted to grab all of them then and there. We can't wait for the items to hit the stores.

Stine Hartmann from TOPP magazine

Hillevi Forsman, intern Andrea and Hanne Trollsås Broen, all from TOPP magazine

Kine Dreyer from H&M

The food was amazing.

Celine Aagaard from TOPP magazine

Elin Reitan from Side2.no

Camilla Pihl with the beautiful lookbook.

Vibeke Holann from H&M

5 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastiske bilder :)! Oppdagen blogger deres gjennom Camilla Pihl. Følger dere videre, for dette var virkelig en fresh blogg :)!

  2. hvordan/Hvorfor får dere egentlig innbydelser til slike eventer? Eller kan "hvem som helst" gå?

  3. Nei, hvem som helst kan ikke gå. Man blir invitert.

  4. Can I come to Norway and hang out with you guys? You lot seem to always have some great fun! Jeez! I am in the wrong line of work


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