3. mar. 2010

You wanna be on top?

One of my favorite reality show's of all time are back with a new season. I never would have imagined America's Next Top Model running this long, the first cycle was aired summer 2003. I'm grateful the show is still around. There's nothing like a good old reality show with fake drama, makeovers, screaming, laughing and crying. ANTM Cycle 14 will premiere on march 10th on the CW network, which is a week from today. I'm so excited, I can't wait!


Here are the three girls I found interesting, at least judging by their first picture. Wonder if I'll like them after seing them in action.

Gabrielle. I like her curls. Wonder what Tyra & Co will do to them? I wonder if she'll cry?

Ren is just on fire. Don't know what, but there's just something about her.

This hottie is Tatianna. Tatianna is very sexy, look at her. I love her lipstick as well.

(All picture's from http://www.cwtv.com/)

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