5. feb. 2010


The week started bad, but quickly turned out to be one filled with a lot of laughs and great memories. It's been fun, but I have to admit I can't wait to sleep. I haven't gotten much sleep the last couple of days. Last night I only slept 3 1/2 hours and the night before that I only slept 5 1/2. I need at least 7 hours every night to prevent a headache from interfering with my concentration.

After work I stumbled about Oslo trying to get some errands done. Post office: check, hair salon: check. Book store: check. I feel like I haven't been shopping for a long time, so I dropped by H&M. I didn't buy anything, but I am in love with their spring collections. I can't wait to get rid of my bubble jacket and bring forward the ballet pumps, shorts and floral dresses.

Anyways, I have another date with Chuck Bass very soon so I'll see you guys later.

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