16. feb. 2010

Fashion Baby!

In the spirit of Oslo Fashion Week we thought we'd post these pictures. A couple of weeks ago we went to Amar Faiz' combined fashion show and art exhibition. It was an exclusive event, so we were really happy to be able to attend. The event was held at the beatiful Grand Hotel. The second we got there, champagne got shoved in our hands. Which was great, since we'd been craving champagne for a while. After about an hour of champagne, beautiful snacks and a lot of pictures; it was time for the fashion show to begin. I got to enjoy the show (from the second row(!)), while Chioma took pictures. I couldn't help but wish the model's wouldn't fall. It would just be too painful to watch. Luckily no one did. The show went by smoothly! On our way out we got goodie bags, including truffles from Sebastien Bruno and eye shadow from MAC.

My element

Gorgeous art

pop champagne

Delishes snacks

The fashion show

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