14. jan. 2010

Tomine Harket

Hi Everyone

( picture taken from: nrk.no)

On Saturday's Eurovision competition I really hope Tomine win, because she seems like a really cool girl. She has a nice style and a good voice. Plus she is my age and I think that is really cool. Plus I know someone who knows her. I think her song can go far in the Eurovision song contest. The biggest reason I like Tomine and want her to win is because she has talent!

Bonus: Tomine is the Norwegian voice of Demi Lovato character Sonny on her show Sonny with a Chance. I just love that show. I watch it both in Norwegian and English. I was surprised and impressed when I heard Tomine was the Norwegian voice for Demi’s character Sonny. So all I can say is GO Tomine. You can listen to her song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kzd5pGppCvU&feature=related

And here is a link to her blog: http://minielatte.blogg.no/

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