25. jan. 2010

Read a book then

I've started reading books again. I had to give myself a long break from books because I only associated them exams, stress, essay's and deadlines. Luckily they don't anymore, for now at least. I can pick up a book again and look forward to enjoying what it contains, instead of thinking that I have to memorize the whole content. I'm currently reading a book by Jim Keeble called "My Fat Brother". It's about someone's fat brother.

Quotes from the book:

"I stare at my lap. It feels like the end of a boxing round in which no punches were landed, the crowd still waiting for blood. I am sweating more than my deodorant was designed to cope with."

"They all have different explanations for why they write. Some say they're dissatisfied with reality, and feel a need to invent their own. Others have a highly developed fear of death and write, so they tell me, because they want to leave something behind, a sort of memorial, I suppose."

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