27. jan. 2010

Earmuffs and such

Are earmuffs really that funny? If so, I don't get it. I've noticed that when I wear my earmuffs, I'm most likely pointed at or laughed at. Some even cry "earmuffs", before they procede to laugh. This is a very similar reaction to when I rocked my fanny pack a couple of years ago (I stopped wearing it beacuse it got broken. No worries, I've got a new one now. I'll be rocking it this spring/ summer). People seemed to stare at my fanny pack in awe and wonder what it was. I often found myself talking about it, when I had it on. People don't always invite alternatives. Which could be a shame, but in cases like these; perfect. I wouldn't want to wear a fanny pack or a pair of earmuffs if everyone had them on. That would just make them normal, if anything is. So are earmuffs really that funny? You decide. Personally I find them rather sexy.

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