8. des. 2009

What’s the point?

Hi Everyone

Everything we do in this world is pastime. We are really just waiting to die. Sometimes I just don’t understand why people do the stuff they do, like get an education. What good is this education when I’m dead? We are just here to reproduce nothing else nothing more. We’re not special creatures’ only humans. We think we are better than other species but we are horrible and all the things we do in to world and other species is wrong. We only do these things to have something to do whilst we are waiting to die. Sometimes I don’t understand why I bother to go to college or doing my homework because all this is pastime until i die. I know I’m negative writing and thinking all this thoughts but people often ask or get asked the question “what is the meaning of life”. If you’d ask me what’s the meaning of life I would say NOTHING.

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  1. I personally do not agree with that.
    God created all of us for different purposes, and if it was in fact for us just to wait to die he wouldn't have bothered to create us.

    People have dreams, ambitions and goals for a reason, others just misuse them because God has given each individual a free will. Some choose to kill others or make their lives a living hell, while others take a path that's more of help to the rest of the human race, like for example becoming a singer with good messages or a freedomfighter or a doctor.


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