30. des. 2009

We're MACing it.

Hi Everyone

Today Chinyere and I went out to do some shopping. First we went to MAC where I bought two new lipsticks and powder. The lipstick colors I bought were black and gold with shimmer. Chinyere bought a bright new red lipstick. After being at MAC we went to the cinema and bought cinema tickets, because we are seeing Avatar tomorrow. I can’t wait. I really hope the movie really is as good as people say it is. And then we went grocery shopping. So tomorrow is new years and you should be all excited about my outfit tomorrow, it is so beautiful. So what are you doing tomorrow?



Thank you Chris for the shades.



on the bus.

on the tube to the city.

I choose this lipstick and

this one.

bright red.

all black everything.

us MACing ourselves.





strike a pose.

smile for me, girl your so beautiful to me .

I'm your biggest fan.

its the pa.. pa.. paparazzi

looking at some sweet, sweet candy.

waiting for our cinema tickets.

Bailey on the tube.




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