7. des. 2009

All I want for Christmas!

Every December I struggle to create a wish list for Christmas. I find it kind of selfish and meaningless to produce one. Why?

1. Because all the things I really want, I buy myself troughout the year. If I can't afford it, I re- assess whether or not I need it or how I can make it mine. By the time december hits, I've most likely gotten everything I want.

2. My house is stuffed with things I like to look at, things I don't understand why I still own, things I never ever touch etc. I have more things than I can handle and wanting more seems selfish in a world, where some don't have much at all.

So instead of making a wish list, I'm making a need list. Here are 3 things on my need list this Christmas:

1. A handful of colorful socks. I prefer colored socks, because then I can easily identify them if someone "borrow" them.

2. Delicious smelling body butter. My Mango Body Butter from Body Shop is coming to an end.

3. Motivation, so that I can become a healthier person.

What do you need or want for Christmas?

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  1. Oh, I started to rant here.. had to delete it :D


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