12. nov. 2009


Hi Everyone

I got my religion essay back and the topic was” IS IT WRONG TO TAKE A LIFE”. I got a shitty grade on this one page essay, WTF! I answered correctly and put a point of view to the subject/ topic. And I still got a really bad grade. Which is extremely unfair. What is wrong with the world? People are taking a piss and I’m not laughing with them. Rebecca is taking a piss on my life story plus this teacher told me I couldn’t take pictures of myself in class anymore whiles we were having a 5 minute break. She gave me a shitty grade so from now on I am really really going to dislike my religion teacher and this subject. I’m going to be really childish about this and I’m not going to ask this teacher why I got a shitty grade. I’m just going to dislike this person and this subject forever. People have issues; my essay didn’t deserve that grade. And if you read my essay you would say the same as well. Rebecca read my essay and she agreed with me and agrees that I do not deserve that shitty grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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