1. nov. 2009


Hi Everyone

Friday we went to Livingroom to celebrate Halloween. We were invited by Dj Name, who wanted me to take some pictures for the occation. The party was hosted by the lovely Samsaya! It was a lot of fun evening, but sadly everyone weren't in costumes. Hopefully people will step their game up next year.

More pictures at 730.no (http://730.no/musicItem.aspx?newsId=2977).

Hannah Montana and Lola Luftnagle


Peace & Love

(photo: http://730.no/ )

Samsaya as Storm from X-Men

( photo: http://730.no/ )

Stephan Ulvund Øien and friend.

(photo: http://730.no/ )

Lola is a fan of Hannah!

(photo: http://730.no/ )

Samsaya and Name

(photo: http://730.no/ )

Joker and Catwoman

(photo: http://730.no/ )

Trick or treat?

(photo: http://730.no/ )

Agatha, Fam Irvoll and Stian Tjernsmo

(photo: http://730.no/ )

Samsaya performing "Money" and "ADHD"

(photo: http://730.no/ )

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