19. okt. 2009

Waiting On The World To Change!

Hi Everyone

Today, I had 30 minutes of college. Each student was assigned time with our teachers to talk about their progress at college. I asked them questions about things I was wondering about. After that I was suppose to work at home with our Norwegian project. I started 9.15am and ended 9.45 am, what’s the point? Waste of time if you ask me. After the "long" day at college, Rebecca and I went to Bocata. I didn’t bring my camera so I took pictures with my cell phone. So, if the quality of the pictures is not good you know why. After that we went home. I took a nap, woke up a little while ago. I am ready to spend the rest of my evening watching television. It's ER, Lipstick Jungle and Sex and the city today. Plus I need to practice making a PowerPoint presentation on my mobile phone.

Just used a little photoshop on my picture.

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